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Best Car Rental Service in Pakistan

A Reliable Car Rental Company in Pakistan:

We are serving our prestigious customers for over a decade and has a strong presence in all major cities across Pakistan.

We have a varied fleet of rental cars renewed each season. We pay special attention to the comments that our customers provide to constantly improve the quality of our rental services.

Always hire an insured vehicle because you worth it:

Our Rent Car service is the pioneer in providing insured vehicles in all major cities across Pakistan. Your life is precious and it’s our obligation to deliver you a reliable insured vehicle so you can drive with your loved ones with great comfort and mental solace. We offer comprehensive insurance coverage on all you vehicles.

Airport pick up and drop offs:

We value our customers and their precious time. Whether you are visiting Pakistan or moving from other cities, our professional chauffeurs are at your service to receive or drop you at any airport 365 days a year at no extra cost.

Highly Experienced Professional Chauffeurs:

Hiring a car without knowing the viability of the greatest cities in Pakistan can be really difficult, therefore, we recommend you rely on our chauffeurs. Our industry professionals with years of experience will guide you perfectly according to your requirements. Hence, if you want to travel across Pakistan, you can rely on our professional drivers and all with great experience.

Enjoy your Holidays:

Our Rent Car service gives you useful information to enjoy the most of your destination with our rental you’re you can check the list of our selected destinations with recommendations and advice. With Our Rent Car service, you have at your disposal all types of vehicles so you can choose the one that best suits your needs, from compact to vans and special vehicles.

Best Fleet in Market:

We offer the best fleet in a wide range of vehicles that you can choose depending on your needs and your budget. We offer sedans, small vans, APVs, but also offers luxury vehicles (Mercedes, for example) and many other types of large vehicles for your travel needs across Pakistan.

Our rental options include a large number of benefits. Our prices include no hidden charges thus, you can hire a car without any surprise.

Satellite Tracking:

Our vehicles are mounted with state of the art vehicle tracking system that combines the use of automatic vehicle location software. So we can locate the car in case of theft or any other emergency.

Urgent Backup:

We provide swift backup if your car broke down on the way. All you have to do is choose your next car and we will send the vehicle where you want it.

Time is Money:

You have come to the right place because we know the value of your precious time. We have the best fleet of accommodate your traveling needs so you can reach you desired destination on time. We can provide you the opportunity to place your car where you want and when you want. You will be free as air and thus reach your desired destination on time.  We also provide car return service within city at no extra charge.

Why rent a car from us?

Our years of experience and seniority allows us to offer the best terms at an unbeatable price, and this never happens at the expense of service quality which will always be our top priority. Hence, you will always have a reliable car rental partner to meet all your needs. Book now and let us serve you. Your desired rental vehicle is just one click away!

Reliable Car Rental Services:

Our Rent Car service offers diversified customer oriented services to meet all your travel needs across Pakistan. We do everything possible for our prestigious customers to keep them satisfied. Here you can find a brief summary of the enormous services offered by Our Rent Car service.

We serve our clients from a network of convenient locations across Pakistan. Our success is primarily due to our excellent services at economic rates. We have the largest fleet of modern vehicles for family trips, corporate meetings, weddings, ceremonies and long road trips.

Hire a Car with Chauffeur:

Chauffeur service is available for short or extended periods. Our well trained chauffeur will assist you in moving to any destination. In addition, he will guide you to handle the path, luggage, and stops, leaving you free to relax on our comfortable vehicles. You can ask for getting to and from any destination including airports, a meeting place or parties and ceremonies.

Multilingual and benefiting from regular training, our chauffeurs will adapt to your wishes to offer you a unique experience. Our drivers are experienced and accomplish their task with seriousness, elegance, and discretion.

Comprehensive Insurance:

We offer basic insurance to limit your liability in case of unfortunate events, but to enjoy your time in absolute tranquility and safety, we offer and recommend various insurance solutions. Prior payment to insurance we offer you the full or partial protection of your deductible against any eventuality and, in the unlikely accident, damage, theft, burglary, or fire, you will not be imposed to compensation. Feel free to ask for the best solution for a relaxing holiday or for long journeys safely.

All Kinds of Vehicles:

From Sedans to SUVs, and mini-buses to luxury vehicles, we provide all types of vehicles as per your needs. Our eco-friendly and fuel efficient modern vehicles are equipped with all the amenities necessary to carry up a small family or a large group of people in comfort.

Our luxury buses and vans are ideal for organizing trips with families and friends. These vehicles have large spaces for luggage and air conditioning and all other facilities necessary to satisfy your needs. Moreover, our rental vehicles are available in different sizes and prices to best fit your needs.

Weddings and Ceremonies:

Our Rent Car service offers a wide range of luxury vehicles to make your special appearance on the best day of your life. Our car rental service will allow you to hire exclusive cars (Mercedes, Limo, BMW, Audi, etc.) to celebrate in style. The seriousness and professionalism of our company, combined with the beauty of our means, make your celebration even more memorable!

Long Time Rental:

Our Rent Car service also offer long time rental to address your special needs. Our car rental agency offers all kinds of vehicles. We offer hybrids, APVs, but also prestige cars (Mercedes, for example) and many other types of vehicles for long term rental in all major cities.

Emergency Roadside Assistance:

In case of failure or problems with the rented vehicle, we will put you in touch with the nearest agent to you in order to solve the problem as soon as possible and with the least discomfort. The rescue personnel will perform minor repairs on site or tow the vehicle to the shop for appropriate repairs, in order to get you back behind the wheel as soon as possible. Or you can select another vehicle and continue your journey.

Who are we? 

Launched a decade ago, we started our car rental service with our first branch in Islamabad and now have offices in all major cities across Pakistan. We believe that people come to us because they know that in addition to great price, what we offer is a service marked by cordiality and reliability. These are aspects of our work that we strive to maintain so that people can enjoy the best experience possible. We also hope that booking the car with us can become part of a trip and a really fantastic holiday.


To create unconventional car rental solutions to common situations that allow us to provide reliable services that are possible from the continuous optimization of resources, simplicity and honesty of the management and the creation of synergies difficult to reproduce.

Brand Values:

With years of experience and public dealing, we are able to express our work, professionalism, quality and satisfaction of the customer through our car rental service while offering very competitive, flexible rates and personalized services based on any available budget.

Our Rent Car service is a car rental company that offers personalized services and high-quality vehicles, thanks to the experience gained in the sector of car rental and van rental we are able to ensure reliable hires. Our professionals are able to satisfy even the most demanding customers. We are present in all major cities of Pakistan and operating offices every day of the year to facilitate our customers.

We have one of the biggest car fleets which is renewed annually to meet customer demand. Our modern fleet of vehicles is serving the leisure or business to ensure you comfortable travel. We anticipate customer demand by updating the fleet steadily that meet their demands.

Our goal is to offer our customers the vehicle they want!

Our commitment to the quality means that we propose rental proceeds simultaneously with the great offer to impeccable service with competitive rates for every type of vehicle, offering affordable vehicles to our customers. Our car park has periodic maintenance checks, conducted always in the authorized workshops of the brand, ensuring full functionality.

The experience gained in the field of car rental service has allowed us to turn our attention to various customer profiles that require a rental car. Everyone can choose the car he wants, feeling free to travel as he prefers. That's why we at Our Rent Car service offer only insured vehicles, at peak performance and fun to drive.

If you are interested to know our offices individually, you can contact us or visit your nearest office, where we'll explain how to make your reservations for a rental car with a favorable price and the highest availability. 

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