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This famous city for textile and industry is situated near the Chenab River. Faisalabad was the first planned city of the colonial-era. Now it is the third largest city and among the biggest industrial zones of the country. Whether you are there for business or leisure, you can enjoy your time as Faisalabad has a lot to offer.

Explore the city:

No matter what your age or preference is, you are most certain to find something of your interest in Pakistan's third largest city. If you have designed your tour to Faisalabad, do not miss our advice to make it memorable.

Stroll through the local markets, explore the colonial-era structures, time in Lyallpur Museum, relax in Jinnah Gardens and do not miss to visit The Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Auditorium if you have a passion for music and art. Be sure to check out the visible relics of the numerous religions that have come to set claim in Faisalabad over the years. 

After all, Faisalabad is a home of diverse religions. If you are a food lover, then you are at the right place. You will have no problem in finding the best eating place in the city.

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Gujranwala has a vibrant cultural diversity which appeals domestic and international visitors. Gujranwala is quite famous as the city of wrestlers and has produced some of the most renowned wrestlers in South Asia. Gujranwala is located near GT road hence getting around the city on a car is really easy.

Explore Gujranwala:

From the educational institutes in the city to the colonial and pre-colonial historic landmarks, there are a number of things to explore in Gujranwala. On the contrary, your trip to Gujranwala is incomplete without visiting its famous restaurants and ethnic food courts. Other places to visit in Gujranwala are Liaquat Bagh, old Haveli, Temples, and Gurudwaras. Gujranwala has a good repute for its shopping areas which offers a lot of bargaining opportunities and among them is the famous Rail Bazaar.  

Rent a Car in Gujranwala:

If you have decided to opt for the fabulous car hire service in Gujranwala, and thus enjoy an exceptional stay then feel free to contact us to rent a car in Gujranwala. There is no doubt that having a rental car in Gujranwala will let you discover the most attractive corners of the city and will not cost you any effort. Without going any further, some of the most iconic places that can be conveniently accessed with your vehicle.

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Driving on the city roads is a real pleasure that lets you enjoy the diversity of life and access to remote places in which to relax, play sports or delight with the ethnic cuisine and delicacies. Hiring a car rental service in Gujranwala is the best choice for you to move around the city with total peace of mind.

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Discover the best of Gwadar as a local. Tranquil, serene and peaceful, Gwadar is a place to be visited at least once in a life. Situated on southwestern coastline of Pakistan, Gwadar is a miracle of nature and a small city which is all set to flourish in coming years where you can enjoy the sun all year round. From desert to the sea and boating, Gwadar offers everything for a holiday retreat which you can only dream of.

The city is located 460 km away from Karachi. It has a special strategic significance for local and international investment. Currently, various Chinese companies are beefing up its infrastructure in order to develop it into a full-scale commercial port which is an integral part of CPEC. Gwadar is the land of opportunity for local and international investment.

Explore Gwadar:

The beaches of Gwadar are surely the main objective for most tourists visiting Gwadar every year. Baluchistan has a wide stretch of coast bathed by the Arabian Sea. In Gwadar, you will find a wide variety of beaches and coves of transparent waters and golden sand. Each with its peculiarities that makes them different and interesting. You can find here some of the best beaches in Gwadar that you must visit on your trip, just make sure you rent a car in Gwadar.

Gwadar is famous for its seafood and variety of local fish which is the main ingredient of its ethnic food and recipes. You can try the local food in the small cafes of Gwadar.
Visit Hingol National Park which is one of the unique natural parks in Baluchistan. 

Located at the southern tip of the province, near Gwadar, the park is home to various endangered species. Visitors and tourists who want to visit the Hingol National Park have several options at their fingertips and activities: which includes hiking and camping safaris.

Rent a car in Gwadar:

Soon you will be enjoying our professional rent a car in Gwadar. Hence, upon your arrival at the Gwadar airport, you can have the convenience of renting 4x4 to get to the many attractions, activities and places that are near Gwadar. Moreover, you can also drive to Gwadar from Karachi through Makran Coastal Highway.

When you choose budget to rent a car, you can be sure that you will travel comfortably in a safe vehicle. Whether you're traveling alone and together, you have the type of transportation you need, at a single price, so you start your trip off right.

This vibrant, exciting and coastal town near the Arabian Sea is quite famous for its fantastic beaches and mystic nightlife full of emotion. Rent a car in Gwadar and explore some of the most exciting around South Baluchistan, visit the Astola Island or stroll the beaches looking for the best place to tan. The pollution free environment and crystal clear waters of Makran Coast will definitely make you fell in love with Gwadar. It’s not fully developed like Karachi, yet it has its own charm and charisma!


Hyderabad is the second largest city in the Sindh province and hosts some of the famous bazaars in Pakistan. Hyderabad is a peaceful city where people are friendly, loving and generous. Hyderabad is famous for its lively streets and local food market near “Shahi Bazaar”, one of the largest streets dedicated to the restoration of culture in Asia. For a more traditional retreat, visit Lake Kenjhar which is the best picnic spot in Hyderabad. 

Explore Hyderabad:

If you have a flare for shopping, then do visit the famous market “Resham Gali Bazaar”, or look for the ethnic restaurants and try “Palla Machhi” (local fish). Here, the tea culture is in full swing, then you will see many people taking their time on the ubiquitous plastic chairs in the streets. To move around this busy city, rent a car in Hyderabad which is the easiest way to browse through the crowded streets.

Known as the transit point between Karachi and Sindh, Hyderabad is a place where you can discover the vibrant nightlife in one of the many places of the city. This neon-lit city can seem frantic, but nothing really presses you to find what you want here.

Rent a car in Hyderabad:

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Because the choice of rates is huge and that your vacation plans are unique, Our Rent a Car in Pakistan service simplifies your search for information with a multi-criteria filter (insurance, vehicle category...). To avoid any unpleasant surprises, we carry no hidden costs, such as airport taxes or refueling. At a glance, you will find the best rent a car in Hyderabad through your own experience.

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Peaceful, tranquil and sophisticated, Islamabad a spot to offer tailored experiences. The capital city can boast of having one of the best tourist attractions in Pakistan. The beauty of its landscape, the charm of its mystic hills and rhythm of its urban life are some of the most exciting components that finish to seduce you. Do not think twice, bet on our car rental service in Islamabad and get ready to discover the second most beautiful capital of the modern world!

Explore Islamabad:

Nestled in the footsteps of Himalayas, Islamabad is an ideal destination for a short break in town. To explore the region to your liking we recommend rent a car in Islamabad, especially for visiting the hilly terrain beyond Margalla Hills. These hills also give the city its four distinct seasons, with monsoons taking place in July and August. The various hills surrounding the city are ideal for trekking. You can also go out of the town to visit the Greek excavations and fascinating Buddhist ruins near Taxila Valley.

If you are a food lover, then do visit the famous Melody Food Street. Whether you are planning a getaway weekend or a longer holiday we will provide the best vehicle with comprehensive insurance so that you only have to worry about choosing the most convenient vehicle. Also, if you like to accompany a professional well-trained driver, then you are at right place to rent a car in Islamabad.

Hire a car:

Our car hire in Islamabad is very simple: all you have to do is choose the model, enter your dates and reserve your vehicle. You can pay online to expedite the process and avoid unnecessary delays. At the time of booking, remember to select your nearest car rental office in Islamabad that's most convenient to you.

Your journey begins here:

As you arrive we'll be waiting for what you need. Whether you want a small car to drive through the city, need an elegant sedan to make a business trip or a spacious van for a family holiday to the hill station nearby, the perfect car is just one call away. Just pick a date and time and we will provide your rental car.

If you are looking for a high-end car to live an unforgettable holiday then we give you the chance to drive the latest models which have come on the market. On the contrary, if you are looking for an economical car or perhaps a spacious model for to facilitate a huge family, then we also have minibusses and vans to accommodate your traveling needs in Islamabad and Murree.

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Karachi is set on the Arabian Sea and is home to a spectacular skyline, bizarre beaches, ethnic food and great shopping malls. Karachi offers a romantic atmosphere and a unique lifestyle that you cannot count, you have to live it and enjoy it at least once in a lifetime.

Since Karachi is a popular destination and a good starting point for a road trip with a rental car. Our Rent a Car service greatly facilitate all domestic and international passengers in the vicinity of the Jinnah International Airport which allows you to rent a car in Karachi with great convenience.

Explore Karachi:

Attending a musical at Hindu Gymkhana, spending a night at Clifton Beach, walking back and forth the Paradise Point, an afternoon of shopping in Dolmen Mall, enjoying the local cosine at Port Grand or a bargain on Tariq Road are some of the exciting things that you can only do in Karachi. Karachi is a big city with many possibilities. This makes a good preparation for the trip and to enjoy your visit.

Karachi's popularity is mainly due to its affordability, food and shopping places which are the main focus. Visitors will never have time to get bored. Those who love the sun can take a break for sea, sand skiing, or golfing. 

Why Choose Our Rent Car?

We have put together the finest fleet of modern vehicles to help you explore Karachi as per your aspiration. You can also hire the services of our trained chauffeurs to optimize your time and money. Our trained professionals are well versed with the local routes and road networks so you can roam around the city with utmost comfort and mental solace.

Moving around the city in a sophisticated rental car is the best feasible option to avoid the rush hours in overcrowded public transport or sky-high cab fares in hot summers. However, hiring a rental car will allow you to travel throughout the city smoothly without facing any uncertain situation.

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Enjoy your visit!


Lahore offers everything a passing tourist can expect to find: Its colonial and pre-colonial architecture, remarkable museums, ethnic restaurants to international fame and musical events keep it alive from dawn to dusk.

Lahore is a must see destination, if only for its famous tourist attractions, such as Royal Fort, Walled City or the world famous Food Streets. On the contrary, its serene gardens, buzzing markets and local cafe terraces bring the sweetness of life necessary to a healthy soul. Each neighborhood in Lahore is like a small village with a well-defined identity, making Lahore the true cultural capital of Pakistan.

Hire a Vehicle:

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Vehicles for All Occasions:

Our Rent a Car Pakistan service understands the importance of a free and intuitive tour of the city and operates various outlets in Lahore. Located at all strategic points of the city, we are here to serve to enhance your visit. So you may not miss the architectural jewels that are the hallmark of the city with our car rental service.

If time is short then a vehicle in excellent condition helps you follow the best route in the shortest time. Our Rent a Car in Karachi service offers a wide range of latest models and brands at the best price. For your convenience, it is possible for you to make your reservation before your arrival.

In Lahore, you can enjoy a quality road infrastructure and can move at your own pace without getting lost. Our vehicles are completely insured and we provide comprehensive insurance for your mental solace. Families can enjoy the typical Lahori cuisine as you tour the restaurants on a break while businessmen can travel to their appointment in an exceptional car that can be accompanied by a driver.

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In the midst of Punjab, Multan occupies prestige position as a cultural and geographical center. This is one of the oldest cities in the world and has spiritual and historical importance. Its heritage dates back over 6000 years. And in more recent times, Multan has become a major political and economic center, thanks to its trade links with many countries.

It is therefore, the fifth most populated city in Pakistan. Known as the city of saints or city of Sufism, Multan is known for its extremely rich religious history. Its streets are lined with ancient temples and tombs dedicated to legendary warriors and religious figures, who have earned the benchmark reputation of Sufism, a devoted branch of Islam. Multan is the industrial and commercial hub of the southern Punjab, which makes it an ideal place for businessmen and investors.

Explore Multan:

Enjoying the great street food of the city, photographing the famous Sofi heritage sites, or shopping in the famous Hussain Agahi Bazar can be your unforceful moments in Multan.
The mausoleums of Sufi saints that attract the faithful from around the world are among the most visited places in the city. A mixture of traditions and cultures, Multan is the cross of the four main provinces of Pakistan. Nothing is livelier than these bustling bazaars, which resonate its culture and traditions.

Multan is the aisles of a variety of languages and regional dialects. Its markets are full of treasures, including mangoes and pomegranates, locally grown thanks to mild winters in Multan and lush land blessed by God Almighty. With its delicious local cuisine, unique regional outfits and some of the finest architectural jewels of the region, Multan is an experience for all your senses.

Rent a Car in Multan:

Unfortunately, the public transport network is not very developed here. Our Rent a Car in Multan will enable you to gain more comfort and freedom in your travel, whether in the context of your work, for a shopping spree in main bazaars or yet to discover the city in love!

Whether you need a hybrid, minivan, APV, or a luxury vehicle, you will always find the right vehicle adapted to your needs in one of our many branches located throughout the Multan city. Aboard your rental car, you will be able to explore every corner of Multan and admire the beauties of this southern city.

Our Rent Car service in Multan will allow you to rent a car directly at your arrival point and at various locations in the city. You can have a vast choice at your disposal to find the perfect vehicle that matches your needs and your budget. Business or leisure travel, long-term rental or punctual journey, Our Rent Car service fits all your needs so you can book premium vehicles at the best rate.

Discover this fascinating city with our rent car in Multan service. Your vehicle offers the independence necessary for a trip tailored to your needs. Visit the sights at your own pace and move without planning. There are multiple choices with a car rental in Multan. You can rent a vehicle by a day, week, month or even long term, so just choose the option that suits you best. All our vehicles are insured and we also offer rental service for corporate trips, holidays, and weekends in Multan.


Adjacent to the Tribal Area of Pakistan, Peshawar is a distinctive, charming and fascinating city. This is due to its largely rich heritage, its commercial port, and its location at the footsteps of the prehistoric Khyber Pass. Peshawar is also one of the oldest cities in South Asia.

For centuries, it has been a hub for trade between India, Central Asia, and Europe, and its proximity to the borders of Afghanistan has created a diverse and exotic population. For people interested in the history of the region, there are also some fascinating destinations in the vicinity of Peshawar.

Explore Peshawar:

The traces of the past are picturesque everywhere, from the mosque of Mohabbat Khan to the Mughal fortress Bala Hissar, no doubt, Peshawar is a rich cultural place. The modern part of Peshawar is a feast for the eyes with its lively commercial centers where old colonial buildings can be found alongside with contemporary architecture.

Modern Peshawar is a nice mix of hotels, shopping centers, restaurants and cafes. However, one of the best things to do in Peshawar is to spend a day exploring the old town while admiring the architecture. So get lost in the local markets and negotiate the articles of your interest. Khyber Bazaar and Qissa Khawani Bazaar are among the best places to test your ability to haggle and bargain.

Do not forget to enrich your trip by talking with friendly people. And when you need to escape the pace of frenetic life, it is relatively easy to make a getaway in nature. Hiking in the surrounding mountains is popular and most hotels can arrange a guided tour. Hiring a cab or traveling in a rickshaw is not recommended. We advise you to rent a car in Peshawar to make your travel hassle free.

Our Rent Car service, the best car rental service:

Peshawar has a large network of public transport, but we recommend you hire a car to enjoy a hassle free visit. If you prefer not to drive yourself, you can hire our professional chauffeur along with a reliable vehicle. Chauffeur services include transfers to and from the airport to your desired place, and you may also be taken or deposited by a private driver at the place of your appointment.

It is easy to visit this cultural city by booking a rental car with Our Rent a Car in Peshawar. We have a strong presence throughout the city, including the airport. We offer flexibility and simplicity for a successful holiday or a business trip in Peshawar. Do not lose your way and preserve your peace of mind by choosing an insured vehicle for utmost road safety. Our Rent Car service offers comprehensive insurance on all rental vehicles so you can drive your car with great peace of mind.

Our Rent a Car service offers the widest ranges of vehicles in Peshawar with great assistance. To all those who want absolute freedom, we offer the possibility to rent a car in Peshawar with a skilled driver in the city who is also an expert in the local language!


Quetta is the capital of Baluchistan province. The majority of the population of Quetta has Pashtun, an Indo-European tribe. The city is located at a strategic point for trade between Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan.

Explore Quetta:

To see spectacular landscapes that fall between the golden sand and the blue sky, you must visit Quetta. Quetta is a city full of exotic bazaars located throughout Shahrah-e-Liaquat. There you can find traditional handicrafts, embroidery, rugs, coats, shoes, among others, which are associated with its culture. If you go to Quetta and do not buy one of the rugs that are traditional there, it would be a waste since there are lots to choose from.  

There are many sites to visit in Quetta, such as the National Park of Hazarganji Chiltan and Hanna Lake. It is a very nice place, from the top you can see a city between the mountains. It is advisable to visit the lake and watch a sunset there, it’s amazing how you can see the majesty of nature.

Right next to this lake is a restaurant where you can eat and appreciate the beauty of the place. It’s recommended to rent a car in Quetta to reach the lake. If you have a flare for food, then try Balochi Saji that tastes delicious. You must try the salty dishes found only in three restaurants in the city and of course the various specialties made of the lamb such as Landhi, Pulao and Sajji.  

Our Rent Car service, the best car rental service:

Renting a car is the perfect way to explore Quetta. Probably you have never thought of, but the car rental prices are affected by supply and demand in the city. If you are planning to go on vacation then rent a car in Quetta in advance.

With Our Rent a Car service, you can choose the car you want. Tell us the dates of travel and we will show you which cars are available. Whether you're looking for an elegant convertible for a romantic weekend or a minivan for a family vacation, we will show you the best vehicles. You can also hire a chauffeur for hassle free trip in Quetta. Our drivers are at your disposal for the desired time to accompany you to your hotel, restaurant, and theater, also accompanies you in your sightseeing or business trips.

Our Rent a Car in Quetta  is all time ready to offer attractive solutions for the car rental that suits you. We recommend you to rent a car with insurance cover. Moreover, we provide you the opportunity to reserve your desired vehicle on your arrival at the airport. The polite and professional chauffeur of Our Rent a Car in Quetta  helps you gladly indicating the precise addresses. So get on your luxury rental vehicle, leave the hectic life behind and go in search of the most beautiful places and hidden treasures of Quetta.

With a rental car in Quetta, you will not have to worry about how to get to the airport. So no more panic attacks on seeking the right mode of transport. Your rental car is ready when you are and your stay in Quetta will be free from any burden!


The city of Rawalpindi which is also known as “Pindi” has a strong colonial influence on its landscape and architecture. It holds a large military cantonment with the headquarters of the Pakistan Army. Initially, a small village near Raja Bazaar, Rawalpindi has experienced a massive urban expansion in the last few decades. Rawalpindi is cosmopolitan, with a less frantic pace of life that we can see in Lahore and Karachi. If other cities in Pakistan are huge and chaotic, Rawalpindi is lovely, spacious, and friendly.

Explore Rawalpindi:

The city enjoys hot, humid summer and relatively mild winters. Spring and winter are considered the best seasons for travelers who intend to spend as much time outdoors. For those wishing to explore the city, Rawalpindi is very accessible thanks to its roads network, rail and air infrastructure developed with direct access to other major cities like Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore. For sports lovers, Rawalpindi has its own Cricket Stadium which hosts the matches and test matches in one-day international format can accommodate more than 25,000 spectators.

Discover the cultural and social heritage of the Purana Qila, which displays many household objects and musical instruments. Fancy a little shopping? Then why not visit the famous Murree Road or Saddar Bazaar where shopping malls and local shops are among the trendiest places in the city. If you are looking to haggle with old, visit Raja Bazaar. If you are uncomfortable with the buzzing traffic and unexpected cab fare, then why not rent a car in Rawalpindi?

Our Rent Car service, the Best Rental car service:

Travel and explore the destinations around Rawalpindi or discover its beauty by renting a car within the range. Our Rent a Car in Rawalpindi service helps you find the best car according to your needs and recommends reviewing insurance to cover any incident which may arise during the trip.

You can find the best prices for the luxury car hire, economic or family vans and begin to drive through the city. If you don’t have improved skills as a driver, then why not hire a chauffeur? Hiring a chauffeur with a rental car is a great idea.

Now you don’t need to understand the local public transport system: just jump into your car and start immediately! To move more quickly between the different attractions you can rent a car from Our Rent Car service at a favorable price. You can rent a car in Rawalpindi that meets your everyday needs.

Maximum comfort:

Get off the plane and rent a car at the Benazir International Airport, served by several airlines, which offer regular flights to various destinations around the world. Renting a car in Rawalpindi is the right choice to visit the city in total freedom. It is easy to rent a car in Rawalpindi at the airport where you can find our agents just waiting for you. It is easy to organize a dream holiday in Rawalpindi! Just contact us and we will arrange the best vehicle covered with compressive insurance.


The “City of Eagles” is the 8th largest city and administrative center of Sargodha Division. Sargodha is a place for multi religions. The local demographics consist of Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and people belong to various other religions.

You can discover local produce while admiring the scenery of Sargodha, during your trip from Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. If you have a flare for tourism, then soak up in the magical atmosphere and admire the neighboring “Kirana Hills”, just 14 km away from the main city. The landscape of this hilly terrain is as varied as majestic.

For shopping, Ameen Bazaar, Kachehri Bazaar, Urdu Bazaar and Anarkali Bazaar are some the best places in Sargodha. Your tour to Sargodha would not be complete without tasting the local food. Sargodha is famous for its local food cuisine and ethnic food like “Tandoori Gosht”. Explore the local village life and breath the fresh air in nature. Sargodha is also famous for its fruits and crops. just rent a car in Rawalpindi, nd enjoy your short stay in pindi. 

Rent a car in Sargodha:

Do you need a car in Sargodha at your arrival? You need a car to get around on your own, with friends or family, according to your wishes and your needs? Are you looking for a small car, a sedan, a minivan or a luxury vehicle in Sargodha? Our Rent Car service offers the best car rental services in Sargodha so you can travel around the city with peace of mind.

With our car rental service in Sargodha, you can travel with flexibility and convenience, and organize a road trip between Sargodha and its adjoining tourist destinations, entrusting to Our Rent Car service and its network of partners throughout the city.
Rent a car in Sargodha from our finest fleet of vehicles that best suits your travel needs and follow the steps as suggested by our reservation system. For those who want a special car for a dream vacation, or a wedding ceremony, we propose you to travel in a luxury rental car.

In Sargodha, the heavy traffic can sometimes cause serious concerns, especially if you are not used to get drive on congested roads. In fact, with a little attention and organization, it will be quite easy to get around the city. If you are unfamiliar with the place, and you do not have a GPS with you, we advise you to study the route with a good map before you get in gear. You can also hire a well-trained chauffeur to move around the city without moving the steering wheel.

Our Rent Car service is the market leader in car rentals. We have various stations and a huge fleet of vehicles, from small to family vans, from luxury vehicles to utility vehicles.
Compare the best car rental on our web page to find the car according to your needs in Sargodha. With Our Rent Car service, you receive expert advice and thanks to the ease of use of our website you will find the car of your dream in just a few clicks.  If you have questions regarding your reservation, please contact us, we will keep you at your disposal and will provide detail information so you can easily rent a car in Sargodha.


Located in the northeast of Pakistan, Sialkot is an industrial city. This prehistoric city is home to many wonders. Having been part of the Greek, Mughal, Afghan and British Empire, the history of Sialkot is fascinating. For thousands of years, the city has seen the development of multiple sectors in commerce and industry.

Explore Sialkot:

To explore the vibrant city of Sialkot, visit “Allama Iqbal Chowk”, known for its squares, restaurants and bazaars. Sialkot is always buzzing with different activities. No doubt, the city is primarily focused on business and trade, however, there are plenty of other things to see. The most famous monument, the Clock Tower, stands proudly in the middle of “Saddar Bazaar”, which is a network of small streets where almost everything is sold and where people meet to negotiate.

To escape all the fuss, people go to “Marala Dam”, located about 40 minutes north of the city. This hydraulic engineering project was born in a wetland environment essential for wildlife and ideal for picnics. Sialkot also offers a wide range of accommodation, including many recently built hotels, ideally located in the city center. While the road network and infrastructure are modern, public transportation is rare and it is better to rent a car in Sialkot.

Rent a car with us:

If you are thinking of hiring a car in Sialkot, you are at the right place! We have a modern fleet of vehicles suitable for every need as per your budget. Our operators will help you in choosing the means you need to spend a holiday or a business trip in Sialkot while relaxing with the comforts of an excellent service.

Thanks to the online reservation service, you just land in Sialkot and pick up the car you want to rent. Take advantage our service to rent a car in Sialkot and you will find the best price in the market. Each rental includes a comprehensive insurance so you can drive your car with great confidence.

You can travel around the city with a rental car that fully meets your requirements and make your stay even more enjoyable! We have highly qualified agents and operators, they will help you choose the car that suits you as per your needs and budget.

Our Rent Car service also offers you the rental car service at Sialkot airport. Once you have recovered your luggage please call us, and our representative will be there to facilitate you. Our professional chauffeur will pick you up at the arrival terminal and take you there where you want to go.

There is a standard rule for hiring a car. If it is the peak of the season, you better rent a car in Sialkot before arriving in the city. Most tourists are heading straight to the airport when traveling in Sialkot. In case you are not planning to visit neighboring cities, then it is best that you hire a car service from the airport. In other cases, you can always book your car online to save yourself from any problem.


Sukkur is almost without doubt, one of the most symbolic, colorful and fascinating cities in Southern Pakistan. It is a beautiful city situated on the west bank of mighty Indus River. The best time to visit Sukkur is in the cold season (when neither heat nor humidity are very heavy), roughly from October to mid-February.

Although in this period may be that in some sectors, especially those closest to the area of River Indus, temperatures are quite low. Beyond the weather, another issue to consider is the theme of the festivities of which you want to participate. Sindh its own special festivities and all have their charm.

Explore Sukkur:

It is always cheaper to dine at local cafes. Sindhi food is one of the tastiest in Pakistan and the variety of spices they use is huge and its flavors are often unknown to us.

From historic manmade wonders to colonial structure, Sukkur has a lot to offer. Sadhu Belo, Sukkur Barrage, Lansdowne Bridge, Arore, Lab-e-Mehran, Masoom Shah Jo Minaro, and Tomb of Seven Sisters are some of the most exotic places you can visit during your visit.

Another inspiring place to go at sunset in Sukkur is “Lab-e-Mehran”, the riverside promenade escorting the great Indus River. It is an ideal place for families and couples to come walk this side of the Indus to avoid suffocating heat and heavy traffic of the city. You can spend some quality time at “Lab-e-Mehran” on the bank of Indus River, where the climate is totally opposed to the rest of the city.

You can also witness the world famous blind dolphin species (Indus Dolphin) in River Indus near Sukkur Barrage. If you have a flare to know about the history of the city, then do visit Arore, which has the ruins of an ancient civilization.

There are lots of shopping places in Sukkur where you can find shops of international brands, restaurants, bars, offices and markets of goodies. In addition, there are many street vendors in the local bazaar. Sukkur is famous Dates, Ajrak and Sindhi handicrafts which are really a good gift for your acquaintances.

Rent a car in Sukkur:

Traveling in and around Sukkur is not easy, because of its uneven traffic pattern and lack of comfortable public transport. You better rent a car in Sukkur to make a smooth journey. Soon we will be operating in Sukkur so you can move around the city with great comfort.

Rent a car with Our Rent Car service in Sukkur and discover a fascinating city in a different way. Having your own car will give you the independence to make a comfortable trip that suits your needs. Not only can you visit the most popular tourist attractions of the area, but you can travel anywhere you fancy. With our cheapest rates, you can even plan a personalized trip through Sukkur.  Our vehicles are fully insured and if you are looking for a replacement car, Our Rent Car service will be happy to assist in their offices. 


Best Car Rental Service in Pakistan

A Reliable Car Rental Company in Pakistan:

We are serving our prestigious customers for over a decade and has a strong presence in all major cities across Pakistan.

We have a varied fleet of rental cars renewed each season. We pay special attention to the comments that our customers provide to constantly improve the quality of our rental services.

Always hire an insured vehicle because you worth it:

Our Rent Car service is the pioneer in providing insured vehicles in all major cities across Pakistan. Your life is precious and it’s our obligation to deliver you a reliable insured vehicle so you can drive with your loved ones with great comfort and mental solace. We offer comprehensive insurance coverage on all you vehicles.

Airport pick up and drop offs:

We value our customers and their precious time. Whether you are visiting Pakistan or moving from other cities, our professional chauffeurs are at your service to receive or drop you at any airport 365 days a year at no extra cost.

Highly Experienced Professional Chauffeurs:

Hiring a car without knowing the viability of the greatest cities in Pakistan can be really difficult, therefore, we recommend you rely on our chauffeurs. Our industry professionals with years of experience will guide you perfectly according to your requirements. Hence, if you want to travel across Pakistan, you can rely on our professional drivers and all with great experience.

Enjoy your Holidays:

Our Rent Car service gives you useful information to enjoy the most of your destination with our rental you’re you can check the list of our selected destinations with recommendations and advice. With Our Rent Car service, you have at your disposal all types of vehicles so you can choose the one that best suits your needs, from compact to vans and special vehicles.

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We offer the best fleet in a wide range of vehicles that you can choose depending on your needs and your budget. We offer sedans, small vans, APVs, but also offers luxury vehicles (Mercedes, for example) and many other types of large vehicles for your travel needs across Pakistan.

Our rental options include a large number of benefits. Our prices include no hidden charges thus, you can hire a car without any surprise.

Satellite Tracking:

Our vehicles are mounted with state of the art vehicle tracking system that combines the use of automatic vehicle location software. So we can locate the car in case of theft or any other emergency.

Urgent Backup:

We provide swift backup if your car broke down on the way. All you have to do is choose your next car and we will send the vehicle where you want it.

Time is Money:

You have come to the right place because we know the value of your precious time. We have the best fleet of accommodate your traveling needs so you can reach you desired destination on time. We can provide you the opportunity to place your car where you want and when you want. You will be free as air and thus reach your desired destination on time.  We also provide car return service within city at no extra charge.

Why rent a car from us?

Our years of experience and seniority allows us to offer the best terms at an unbeatable price, and this never happens at the expense of service quality which will always be our top priority. Hence, you will always have a reliable car rental partner to meet all your needs. Book now and let us serve you. Your desired rental vehicle is just one click away!

Reliable Car Rental Services:

Our Rent Car service offers diversified customer oriented services to meet all your travel needs across Pakistan. We do everything possible for our prestigious customers to keep them satisfied. Here you can find a brief summary of the enormous services offered by Our Rent Car service.

We serve our clients from a network of convenient locations across Pakistan. Our success is primarily due to our excellent services at economic rates. We have the largest fleet of modern vehicles for family trips, corporate meetings, weddings, ceremonies and long road trips.

Hire a Car with Chauffeur:

Chauffeur service is available for short or extended periods. Our well trained chauffeur will assist you in moving to any destination. In addition, he will guide you to handle the path, luggage, and stops, leaving you free to relax on our comfortable vehicles. You can ask for getting to and from any destination including airports, a meeting place or parties and ceremonies.

Multilingual and benefiting from regular training, our chauffeurs will adapt to your wishes to offer you a unique experience. Our drivers are experienced and accomplish their task with seriousness, elegance, and discretion.

Comprehensive Insurance:

We offer basic insurance to limit your liability in case of unfortunate events, but to enjoy your time in absolute tranquility and safety, we offer and recommend various insurance solutions. Prior payment to insurance we offer you the full or partial protection of your deductible against any eventuality and, in the unlikely accident, damage, theft, burglary, or fire, you will not be imposed to compensation. Feel free to ask for the best solution for a relaxing holiday or for long journeys safely.

All Kinds of Vehicles:

From Sedans to SUVs, and mini-buses to luxury vehicles, we provide all types of vehicles as per your needs. Our eco-friendly and fuel efficient modern vehicles are equipped with all the amenities necessary to carry up a small family or a large group of people in comfort.

Our luxury buses and vans are ideal for organizing trips with families and friends. These vehicles have large spaces for luggage and air conditioning and all other facilities necessary to satisfy your needs. Moreover, our rental vehicles are available in different sizes and prices to best fit your needs.

Weddings and Ceremonies:

Our Rent Car service offers a wide range of luxury vehicles to make your special appearance on the best day of your life. Our car rental service will allow you to hire exclusive cars (Mercedes, Limo, BMW, Audi, etc.) to celebrate in style. The seriousness and professionalism of our company, combined with the beauty of our means, make your celebration even more memorable!

Long Time Rental:

Our Rent Car service also offer long time rental to address your special needs. Our car rental agency offers all kinds of vehicles. We offer hybrids, APVs, but also prestige cars (Mercedes, for example) and many other types of vehicles for long term rental in all major cities.

Emergency Roadside Assistance:

In case of failure or problems with the rented vehicle, we will put you in touch with the nearest agent to you in order to solve the problem as soon as possible and with the least discomfort. The rescue personnel will perform minor repairs on site or tow the vehicle to the shop for appropriate repairs, in order to get you back behind the wheel as soon as possible. Or you can select another vehicle and continue your journey.

Who are we? 

Launched a decade ago, we started our car rental service with our first branch in Islamabad and now have offices in all major cities across Pakistan. We believe that people come to us because they know that in addition to great price, what we offer is a service marked by cordiality and reliability. These are aspects of our work that we strive to maintain so that people can enjoy the best experience possible. We also hope that booking the car with us can become part of a trip and a really fantastic holiday.


To create unconventional car rental solutions to common situations that allow us to provide reliable services that are possible from the continuous optimization of resources, simplicity and honesty of the management and the creation of synergies difficult to reproduce.

Brand Values:

With years of experience and public dealing, we are able to express our work, professionalism, quality and satisfaction of the customer through our car rental service while offering very competitive, flexible rates and personalized services based on any available budget.

Our Rent Car service is a car rental company that offers personalized services and high-quality vehicles, thanks to the experience gained in the sector of car rental and van rental we are able to ensure reliable hires. Our professionals are able to satisfy even the most demanding customers. We are present in all major cities of Pakistan and operating offices every day of the year to facilitate our customers.

We have one of the biggest car fleets which is renewed annually to meet customer demand. Our modern fleet of vehicles is serving the leisure or business to ensure you comfortable travel. We anticipate customer demand by updating the fleet steadily that meet their demands.

Our goal is to offer our customers the vehicle they want!

Our commitment to the quality means that we propose rental proceeds simultaneously with the great offer to impeccable service with competitive rates for every type of vehicle, offering affordable vehicles to our customers. Our car park has periodic maintenance checks, conducted always in the authorized workshops of the brand, ensuring full functionality.

The experience gained in the field of car rental service has allowed us to turn our attention to various customer profiles that require a rental car. Everyone can choose the car he wants, feeling free to travel as he prefers. That's why we at Our Rent Car service offer only insured vehicles, at peak performance and fun to drive.

If you are interested to know our offices individually, you can contact us or visit your nearest office, where we'll explain how to make your reservations for a rental car with a favorable price and the highest availability. 

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Causes and Prevention of Ebola

Ebola is a disease caused by a relatively infectious virus, but extremely lethal. International aid provided under the Ebola epidemic now raging in West Africa must expanded urgently. Ebola epidemic is not under control, and will continue to spread if more material and human resources not made available urgently. 

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

How to Remove Dark Circles

Dark circles are the worst enemy of a bright look. Discover the tricks to remove dark circles. With this guidance, learn to know your dark circles to better camouflage and make them disappear.
Dark circles are formidable enemies of beauty look. 

Monday, 1 December 2014

How to Fight Wrinkles

Skin changes as we age. The fat cells shrink and the skin loses its elasticity. Wrinkles begin to appear around the eyes and on the forehead. Individuals with fair skin typically grow faster wrinkles since their skin less protected against sunlight.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Tips for Carrying Your Cats during a House Removal

Choosing the right cat carrier for car trips

Choice of carrier cat is important. A cat carrier should be large enough for a cat to stand in without lowering the head, a good test is that it can work in, or be lifted into it without bending the head and shoulders at the door. It should be able to turn with ease inside the carrier so that it can be re positioned as needed in transit.