Thursday, 24 January 2013

Tips for Carrying Your Cats during a House Removal

Choosing the right cat carrier for car trips

Choice of carrier cat is important. A cat carrier should be large enough for a cat to stand in without lowering the head, a good test is that it can work in, or be lifted into it without bending the head and shoulders at the door. It should be able to turn with ease inside the carrier so that it can be re positioned as needed in transit.


For most cats, it is recommended to use a carrier that is enclosed on three sides rather than open, cats tend to feel more secure if the parties are not 'on view' s and they can 'crowded back so frightened. 

Fasteners must be strong and firm, no loose parts or rattling to scare the cat during the trip. Old wicker carriers, those that have been stored for some time may be unhealthy, or otherwise unstable disintegration, it is always worth investing in a new carrier.

Old cat carriers are not suitable for long car trips

Based on the same box carry-even if it is a new one, which has been used before is not necessarily a good idea. 

Firstly, even if the carrier may be familiar, the cat may associate the carrier intimidate trip to the new place, and stress that may be incurred before the trip even begins. 

Second, carriers will suffice for short trips are often not large enough to travel an hour or more.

Preparation of a cat carrier for a road trip

If using a carrier which you already had used, it must be freshly washed, dried and the synthetic pheromone applied twice within 24 hours prior to travel. 

Carriers should contain quality fleece bedding heat they should be washed and replaced after each use significantly. 

Applying a layer of puppy training pads under the covers can be very useful in the case where the cat or wet soil itself and this happens frequently in cats panic.

The carrier cat could be offered for a week before the trip, and for him to curl up to sleep without ever lifting it and use it as a carrier. 

This removes the novelty factor and makes it less likely to be intimidated. The cat just feel sleepy place.

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